A Wandering Whiskey Society Brunch @ Cleobella

Babes, booze, and brunch. Cheers! 

When we brunch, we brunch so good. If you missed it, no worries. You’re invited to the next one. Promise.

By Gabby Abenoja

+ Photos by Lisa Hsieh

boozy brunch.JPG

How do you spend your Saturdays? Is it in a beautifully boho boutique on the insta-perfect California coast, munching on a delish mini quiche, sippin’ on a flower-embellished-specially-made cocktail and living your best life? If not, we recommend you try it sometime. Invite us. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Our first WWS event was everything we wanted and more. There was a beautiful California-girl-boho-meets-beach-vibe happening, insta-perfect decor, and some flavorful food + drink goin’ on.

While we wish we could take credit for the entire shindig, the truth is: we mostly tossed some cocktails back, hung out, and handed out swag. The real shoutouts go to the babes who were pulled to Cleobella by their love of brunch and whiskey. We pour for you.

To master and deliver the perfect boozy punch is harder than you expect. How much Wild Turkey do you put in before the delicate infusions get drowned out by booze? What’s the perfect ice to flower garnish ratio? Our whiskey aficionado Emily makes an art form out of these worries not only once, but twice with two custom punches made just for us (featuring our lovely sponsors: Wild Turkey. Yum.)


The Dranks by Emily of Fern & Shaker

Sidewalk Catwalk

  • Wild Turkey Rye

  • Campari

  • Sweet Vermouth

  • Proecco

Whiskey Bramble Thyme

  • Wild Turkey Bourbon

  • Spanish Brandy

  • Creme de Mare

  • Thyme Simple Syrup

  • Lemon

  • Prosecco

  • Sparkling Water

the Eats by Beth of Tasty yummies

What’s brunch without delicious eats? Provided by badass wellness warrior and fellow lover of all tasty things, Beth teamed up with Ralphs to provide treats catered to all palates + all dietary needs (she’s a goddess).


For the wanting-to-sober-up-but-in-a-super-zen-way:

  • Cheese + Fruit + Crackers + Charcuterie Bar

  • Mini Egg Bites (Veggie / Bacon + Cheese)

  • Fruit + Yogurt Bar

  • REBBL Elixirs - Tumeric Lemon Tart, Reishi Cold-Brew, Matcha Latte, Tumeric Golden Milk, Maca Cold-Brea, Reishi Chocolate, Ashwagandha Chai


The first Wandering Whiskey Society event was everything we wanted and more. Set on the shores of gorgeous Seal Beach, we wrangled together the ladies of WWS (plus other badass babes) and raised our glasses to...literally everything -


...to amazingly crafted cocktails by our gal Emily (@fernandshaker)!

...to beautiful tablescapes and flower arrangements that look like whimsical childrens book illustrations by Theresa (@petalsandpop)!

...to scrumptious eats lovingly made by Beth (@tastyyummies)!

...to bomb-ass cold brew on-tap served by NAME (@Thunderkingbrewing)!


If you weren’t there, it’s chill. We’ll see you at the next one.

Gina Ruccione