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Wandering Whiskey Society
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It all started with a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 (but not like how most of you started with it in high school or college). Our founder was 30 years old the first time she tried whiskey and quite frankly, she was really fucking late to the game.

We like to say better late than never - but it was that bottle that sparked an interest that eventually turned into a slight obsession. Her goal was simple: learn everything about the spirit. Unfortunately, what she found was a shortage of whiskey-centric events that were appealing. The "must be on a waitlist" or "must rock a sport coat" wasn't really her jam.

And then by the grace of good fortune she got hooked up with Women & Whiskies. One thing led to another and eventually she began hosting events for them in Los Angeles. Cut to a couple years later and Wandering Whiskey Society was born.  


Who are we? We kick it with cocktail bloggers, industry people and bar owners so we're in the know, plus we rub elbows with a lot of whiskey brands.

What do we do? Our mission is simple: host a shit ton of dinners, private events, tastings, brunches and educational classes so that the eager and the ardent have place to connect and call their own.

Why? Because the world does not need another stuffy room filled with elitist people hammering on and on about priceless potables. Wandering Whiskey Society is not about that life. It's about inclusivity, education and enjoyment. We welcome the curious and the kind. 

And let's be honest, whiskey is supposed to be fun and our events are dram good time.



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hosted happy hours

Who doesn't love a good Happy Hour, am I right? This works one of two ways and we love both. We can come to your office and set up whiskey cocktails and snacks for your clients and colleagues, so ya'll can schmooze and booze while we take care of the rest.  No waiting in line at the bar. No drama. No hassle.  Or we can take you to some hot spots around town, negotiate Happy Hour prices for your group and we get down to business. Basically we're looking at a win/win.

private classes

Education is a top priority. Maybe some of you are working on your PhD or your MBA. We think that's awesome. But if you want to continue your education about whiskey we can help with that too. Maturation process, copper stills and staves? How about a little history lesson? We've got you covered. 


Remember the Pepsi challenge? Yeah, this is sort of like that but we're not going to blind fold you (unless you're into that). Tastings are a great way to test your palate but more importantly they give you an opportunity to try a range of offerings so you can learn what you like and what you don't. Taste is subjective and you're allowed to have an opinion. Try one. Try all. We'll bring 'em, line 'em up and get down to whiskey business. 

whiskey dinners

It's our two favorite things wrapped up in a package with a pretty red bow. Whiskey + dinner. Whether we host a private dinner at a restaurant or an exclusive venue, all things is remains a constant: there will be plenty of great food and several whiskies to try. We'll plan one for you or come to one of ours. Meet cool people. Eat all of the things. Try all of the whiskies.

After expressing her glee at your attendance she will get down to business. “Get settled, the cocktails are in the corner. Have one, they’re delicious!” Gina is the Hostess with the Mostest, Martha Stewart—eat your heart out.
— LOCALE Magazine




Don't you want to be all up in our business? Come check out what we've got going on.

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